News & Rumors: 21. May 2008,

Installer 3.11 in French

This is the French language package for Installer.

It’s not perfect!! To all french people, i can’t speak french, pls send us mistakes in english.

Quick Instructions

1. Run Installer
2. Got to Source
3. Press “Edit” and „Add“
4. In the “Add Source” Window type “” and press “ok”
5. Go to the Categorie “Installer Languages”, now you can find / install „French for Installer“
7. Restart Installer and enjoy.

You can remove the package every time.

Have fun and without the guarantee… ;

Files (c) by Apple / Installer by Nullriver and only for private usage…

Installer 3.11 in French
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  •  Ignacio Perez (27. Mai 2008)

    I Do translate the installer to Spanish?
    My e-mail is attached and I would like to help.

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