News & Rumors: 1. June 2008

CarrierBundle for Netherlands

Now, the CarrierBundles also for the Netherlands.

The CarrierBundle Functions:

  • Autodetection for Carrier, set GPRS Settings by SIM Card
  • You can change the EDGE/GPRS Settings
  • Hide the Call-Forwarding Message
  • Set CarrierLogo, for example:

This are the first packages for the Netherlands, if you need more – please send me a info.

This is a Overview for the CarrierBundle GPRS Settings.

iPhone > 1.1.2
AppTapp (Installer)
BSD Subsystem

KPN (CarrierBundle NL KPN):
APN: internet
Benutzer: KPN
Passwort: gprs

KPN (CarrierBundle NL Vodafone):
Benutzer: vodafone
Passwort: vodafone

KPN (CarrierBundle NL T-Mobile):
APN: internet
Benutzer: tmobile
Passwort: tmobile

KPN (CarrierBundle NL Telfort):
APN: internet
Benutzer: telfort
Passwort: telfort

KPN (CarrierBundle NL Orange):
APN: internet
Benutzer: orange
Passwort: orange

Quick Instruction

Installationsanleitung für Cydia:

You need only Step 1 – 4 if you don’t have Repo in Cyida.

  1. Run Cydia and go to the Section Repositories
  2. Select and install the Pack “’s Source”
  3. Confirm the with the „Confirm“ on right top
  4. After the installation you can install the Packs
  5. Go now to „Sections“ and to the Section „CarrierBundle“, you can selet now your CarrierBundle and install this
  6. Now restart you iphone and reinsert you SIM Card

You can remove the package every time.

Have fun and without the guarantee…
Only for private usage.

Dateien (c) by Apple / Logos (c) by Carrier…

CarrierBundle for Netherlands
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  •  Nobbes (5. Juni 2008)

    the same with the KPN Logo it will not work.


  •  Scallie (8. Juni 2008)

    Restarted the iPhone and reentered the sim-card. Nothing. I don’t have the AT&T sim anymore so I’ve uninstalled the app. :-(

  •  Scallie (8. Juni 2008)

    update: after 15 min. it worked.

  •  pebro (29. Juli 2008)

    Does this app work with 2.0, it sure looks like it does not

  •  Gil (24. April 2009)

    I used it with the 2.2 version without any problems when I tried it with 2.2.1 by my father (2G) it worked as well, but when I installed it on my iPhone (3G) it was not appeared, even worse I got T Mob… scrolling instead.
    Does someone have any solution?