News & Rumors: 8. June 2008

CarrierBundle for Italy

Now, the CarrierBundles also for the Italy.

The CarrierBundle Functions:

  • Autodetection for Carrier, set GPRS Settings by SIM Card
  • You can change the EDGE/GPRS Settings
  • Hide the Call-Forwarding Message
  • Set CarrierLogo, for example:

This are the first packages for the Italy, if you need more – please send me a info.

This is a Overview for the CarrierBundle GPRS Settings.

iPhone > 1.1.2
AppTapp (Installer)
BSD Subsystem

TIM (CarrierBundle IT TIM):
Benutzer: BLANK
Passwort: BLANK

Benutzer: BLANK
Passwort: BLANK

Vodafone (CarrierBundle IT Vodafone):
APN: websfr
Benutzer: BLANK
Passwort: BLANK

H3G TRE.IT (CarrierBundle IT H3G):
Benutzer: BLANK
Passwort: BLANK

WIND (CarrierBundle IT WIND):
APN: internet.wind
Benutzer: BLANK
Passwort: BLANK

Quick Instruction

1. Run Installer
2. Got to Source
3. Press “Edit” and „Add“
4. In the “Add Source” Window type “” and press “ok”
5. Go to the Categorie “CarrierBundle”, now you can find / install your Package „CarrierBundle IT…“
6. Restart iPhone and reinsert you Simcard. Has this no effect insert your AT&T Card and change back to your card.

Installationsanleitung für Cydia:

You need only Step 1 – 4 if you don’t have Repo in Cyida.

  1. Run Cydia and go to the Section Repositories
  2. Select and install the Pack “’s Source”
  3. Confirm the with the „Confirm“ on right top
  4. After the installation you can install the Packs
  5. Go now to „Sections“ and to the Section „CarrierBundle“, you can selet now your CarrierBundle and install this
  6. Now restart you iphone and reinsert you SIM Card

You can remove the package every time.

Please check the GPRS / EDGE Settings – in combination with your mobile contract.

Have fun and without the guarantee…

Only for private usage.

Dateien (c) by Apple / Logos (c) by Carrier…

CarrierBundle for Italy
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  •  Andre (9. Juni 2008)

    Hi, Carrier bundle IT Vodafone works, Carrier bundle IT WIND don’t works for me (no logo, no APN settings etc…)

  •  Tom (11. Juni 2008)


    Das Vodafone Bundel funktioneirt nicht bei mir. Auch wenn ich nachher ne andere Karte reinstecke, iPhone neustarte oder sonstwas, es wird kein Logo angezeigt und auch die APN Einstellungen werden nicht geändert…

  •  admin (11. Juni 2008)

    @Tom Vodafone Italien oder Vodafone Deutschland?

  •  Tom (11. Juni 2008)

    Vodafone Italien..

  •  hugo (14. Juni 2008)

    Tom benutzt du mim?

  •  7h31ll3g4l (16. Juni 2008)

    APN TIM no correct
    APN TIM correct is


  •  matrixrev (25. Juli 2008)

    I’ve installed the h3g bundle on my iPhone 3g but doesn’t work..I installed the Tim bundle and it works .pls check the h3g bundle tks

  •  nekrotik (4. August 2008)

    hi, where i can get it???

  •  vittorio (5. September 2008)

    how to remove the settings that make itunes for the network and restore the carrierbundle

  •  Marian (19. November 2008)

    Hallo, versuche das BASE LOGO zu installieren, aber nachdem ich das
    über den Installer installiert habe, neustarte habe ich immer noch den
    alten TEXT oben stehen, mache ich was falsch ?

  •  difensiphone (13. März 2009)

    Vodafone (CarrierBundle IT Vodafone):
    korigiert fuer italien ist es:
    ;) .

  •  zzapp (12. Oktober 2010)

    hi, can you make a new forwardmessagefix for ios 4.1 on iphone 4 please? tks a lot