News & Rumors: 9. April 2009,

RedSn0w: iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak [MIRROR]

bild-42Das DevTeam hat die nächste Version des iPod touch 2G Jailbreaks „RedSn0w“ veröffentlicht und steht nun für OS X, Windows und Linux als Torrent Download bereit.

Noch befindet sich Redsn0w im Betastadium und ist noch eine reine Kommandozeilen Lösung spricht ohne Oberfläche/GUI. Später soll der iPod touch 2G Jailbreak, dann wie bisher in QuickPwn & Co. eingebunden werden. Tools wie QuickFreedom sind dann nicht mehr nötig.

Today at exactly 2 minutes past Beta O’Clock we are releasing a beta version of redsn0w. The release hopes to simplify the jailbreaking your iPod touch 2G.

redsn0w is currently in beta as it relies on the user running it from the command line, but this redsn0w functionality is being added into our GUI applications.

If you are not fully confident with using the command line, then hold off for those simpler tools that will be released sometime soon.

Download: Mirror: Win / Mac


It is recommended NOT to connect the iPod through any sort of USB hub.

1. Either connect the iPod in DFU mode to the computer
Follow the step-by-step DFU instructions with the program

2. Launch redsn0w.exe by double-clicking on it.


In versions of OS X above 10.5.6, DFU mode has been disabled by a bug in the
operating system that Apple has not yet seen fit to fix. A work-around for
this problem is connecting the iPod through a powered USB hub rather than
directly through the computer. It’s also possible to use a software hack to
temporarily fix this problem to use this software. Please see the blog post at for more

1. Either connect the iPod in DFU mode to the computer
Follow the step-by-step DFU instructions with the program
2. Start Terminal (in the Utilities folder under Applications)
3. Type ‚cd ‚ (cd space)
4. Drag the redsn0w folder into the Terminal window
5. Push enter
6. Type ‚./redsn0w‘ and push enter


RedSn0w: iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak [MIRROR]
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  •  kent (9. April 2009)

    Nett, hätte aber mehr Freude an einem Update des gelben…

  •  n1no (9. April 2009)

    Wie ist das denn jetzt mit dem ausschalten des iPod? Kriegt man ihn jrtzt an ohne pc ???

  •  Nexos™ (10. April 2009)

    Es gibt eine neue redsn0w version
    erhältlich zurzeit nur über torrent von

    MfG Nexos

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