News & Rumors: 8. June 2009,

WWDC09: Der englische Ticker zum Nachlesen

Auch unseren englischen Ticker von unserem Korrespondenten Adam Jackson wollen wir euch nicht vorenthalten. Er hat uns direkt mit den Informationen aus der Keynote versorgt. Phill Schiller, Bertrant Serlet und Scott Forstall präsentierten neue MacBook Pros, Snow Leopard, das iPhone OS 3.0 und das neue iPhone 3GS.

“Keep making great applications!”

I think that’s it

full release by august ’09

released on 19th June

US, canada, france germany, italy spain UK

one week after that 6 more countries
August, 09 more countries

Audience cheering

pricing starts today

It’s an 8GB version

Dropping the price of the iPhone 3G for only $99

“more affordable”, coming in black and white

Pricing varies around the world


$199 for 16GB,
$299 for 32GB

Including all of the 3.0 software

“fastest most powerfull iphone yet”

Environmentally safe

Up to 9 hours of internet surfing
10 hours of video playback

30 hours of audio
12 hours of 2g talk
5 hours on 3g talk


The data in iTunes (backup of iphones) is encrypted as well

Exchange Servers or Find my iPhone. Instantaneous remote wipe

Hardware Encryption for data

Nike+ Support

Accessibility is new and updated. hearing, visual zoom

google maps now knows what direction you’re facing

Built in digital compass

call, what’s playing ” play this song”

You can send the video or photos to MMS

Voice control

Video editing too

30FPS VGA w/ Audio

There is an API so developers can take advantage of this camera
It also captures video
Open Camera
Switch to Video



10cm away macro mode

better night time photos

tap the object and it auto focuses

autofocus rules

iPhone 3GS 3 megapixel auto focus camera

iPhone is 3.5x photos per day in uploads to Flickr

Brand new Camera

7.2mb HSDPA- Finally!

Uses OpenGLES

2x faster overall

3x faster than the old iPhone on benchmarks running OS 3.0

3.6x faster to lview excel

Ny 2.9x faster

2.1x faster at launching messages. 2.4x faster to launch sim city

Powerful, fastest iPhone yet

same design as 3G
new inside

iPhone 3GS

“one more thing” – Phil Schiller.

2 JD Power awards for the iphone

Applications available 50K for app store. 4,900 for andriod. nokia has 1,088 apps

(in mobile web usage)

iPhone is 65% mobile web usage

2nd is “other” 3rd is andriod
4th java
last is symbian


Paid developers GM Seed today

Available worldwide June 17th

$9.95 for iPod touch customers 1st & 2nd gen

iPhone OS 3.0 Free for all iPhone customers

Scott Forstall back on stage

Change guitar string tuning on the fly virtually! has a sample of the audio

You can plug a guitar into the iPhone and choose the guitar, amp and other settings in real time!

This is going to change a lot

Virtual amps and guitars

Talking about sounds and music

Marcus Ryle on stage

Line 6 and Planet Waves is on stage

unlock car too

Use a horn icon to hear your car when yo upick it up

Shows available cars, reserve on the phone

ZipCar iPhone App coming

Luke Schneider on stage now

ZipCar is on stage – carsharing service

“that’s the last time i’m dressing up for an experiment”

demo failed

science project fails

Scott Forstall in a lab coat!

it does real time science experiments on the iPhone

Showing a “science project” on the iPhone

wayne grant is on stage

Next up. PASCO.

Pretty cool game, available right now for iPhone and iPod touch.

showing off a new app called star defense

Neil Young is on stage

NGMOCO is up next.

Available this summer with national and international maps.

Really cool accessory

Optional Accessory to mount the iPhone in the car

TomTom Nagivation in an iPhone experience

Peter-Frans Pauwels is on stage


TomTom on stage now.

TextBooks as well

*kindle killer* in my opinion

50 magazines,

170 daily newspapers
1 million books to the app store

Announcing a digital book library in one app

Josh Koppel is on stage

ScrollMotion. created to make digital books

That’s pretty neat.

virtually look into the patients room with real time stats

using iphone to get everything even when you left the hospital

System for doctors

Push Notifications for alerts

dr. cameron powell is on stage

now on: “airstrip technologies”

and online multiplayer

game voice chat with online content

p2p multiplayer

Wow. this game rocks

super fast

You can play your iPod music within the app

racing game: 27 licensed cars, 4 motorcycles

“asphalt 5 announced”

Now showcasing developers. On: Mark Hickey of Gameloft

Showcasing a few developers

Push Notifications

Google Maps available for all applications

Example: Blood Glucose measuring system



Presentation of In-App-Purchase

1,000 new APIs on iPhone 3.0


Remote wipe command in case it’s stolen or really lost

You can send an alarm to the iPhone and it will play no matter if it’s in silence mode or not.

A map that shows where your phone is.

A service for MobileMe customers

“Find my iPhone”

support for 30 languages on the iPhone

adding support for more languages: hebrew, arabic, greek, korean, thai

Switching between languages using the globe button

Languages on now.

HTML 5 support

Auto-Fill (passwords, usernames)

HTTP Streaming Audio / Video on iPhone. This protocal knows the right bitrate and quality depending on connection

JavaScript on Safari for iPhone is 3x faster

New Safari perfomance

no AT&T support for this at launch

22 Carrier partners at launch that support this

No extra software needed

Wired, USB and Bluetooth

Mac or PC

Tethering: “share your iPhone internet connection with your computer”

“a parent can limit their child to G & PG movies. likewise, you can limit your child to only running apps from teh app store that are age appropriate”

Parental Controls are brand new

iTunes U is now in the iTunes app on the iPhone

TV shows, music videos and audio books

iTunes enhancements. Rent and purchase movies on your phone

Spotlight search across the phone

*this is stuff we already know about*

Universal Search

all other carriers will support MMS at launch

AT&T won’ts upport MMS until later this summer

MMS Support on now

For all key applications: Messenger, Mail

LandScape Mode

Undo support (shake iPhone)

Talking iPhone 3.0

More than 100 new features
cut, copy paste

Showing a thank you video

April 23rd, 1 billion apps downloaded, in 9 months

40,000,000 iPhones + iPod touch

50,000 apps

1,000,000 SDK downloads

Reviewing SDK and iPhone 2.0

Scott Forstall is now on stage for iPhone

Today a developer preview is available

$49 for family pack, from September.

$29 for snow leopard

shows confidence that apple thinks PPCs are dead

Demo of Snow Leopard Wrapping up, only available for Intel Macs.

Exchange presentation done. Applause.

Still showing Exchange

just a test

Preview: PDF open is 2x faster. JPG is 1.5x faster

Snow Leopard is 6Gbs less install space for Snow Leopard than Leopard

click and hold on an icon and all windows of that app appear

We’ve built expose into the dock.

Dozens of new “touches” that make things better”

The Finder is still the same as far as UI goes. We did re-write it for Cocoa

All EPEAT Gold Standard

All Energy Star Version 5 compliance
World’s Greenest Lineup of Notebooks
OSX Snow Leopard Logo
Bertrand Serlet is on stage to talk about Snow Leopard
“microsoft has dug quite a big hole with vista”
“Windows 7 is the same old technologies DLLs, The Registry, Disk Defragmentation:
“User Account Control: UAC” *laughter*
Our next “big cat” is Snow Leopard.
Native Exchange Support

The new MacBook is now “The MacBook”

$1199 entry price!
so 13, 15 and 17 are now all “macbook pro”
The most affordable lineup ever
“just a week ago we updated the white plastic macbook”
“we’re also going to update the macbook air today”
1.86Ghz and 2.13 Ghz CPU
$1499 & $1799
The $1799 model has an SSD


FW 800

up to 500GB storage OR 256GB SSD
built in backlit keyboard is now standard

Up to 8Gbs of memory in the new macbook

13″ new gorgeous display 60% greater color gamut.
SD Card slot

All new MBPs are shipping today

A new Macbook as well
Built in Battery!

17″ is being updated to 2.8 & 3.06Ghz CPU. now $300 less at only $2499

1699 starts with 2.53Ghz, 4 gb memory 256gb hd
1999, 2.66 ghz, 320gb HD
2.8ghz gets you 500gb HD for 2299

Up to 500GB HDD, or 256GB SSD card

$1699 entry price
$300 less than today’s price.

up to 8gbs of 1066Mhz DDR3 Ram

Up to 3.06Ghz dual core processor with 6mbs of l2 cache

The new 15″ MacBook Pro has a gorgeous display. 60% more color gamut.
New I/O.
Instead of Express Card, we’re moving to an SD Card slot.

Why an SD slot? because so many of our customers have cameras.
“The fastest notebook ever made”

A built in Lithium polymer battery
7 hours of battery life
2 hours longer than before 40% more battery life
most notebook batteres get 300 recharge cycles. th enew batteries get 1,000 charges.
This battery gets 5 years of life.

“Phil: today I’d like to start with The Mac”

“Phil: today I’d like to start with The Mac”

“Today Bertrand Serlet, Scott Forstall will show you what’s new”

“In the last 2 years, active OSX users has grown to 73 million with iPhone and IPod Touch”

“Showing chart of OSX Active users. Now 25 million users”

“WWDC 09 is sold out. We have 5,200 developers from 54 countries”

“We have an amazing week planned for you. It’s incredible”

“Welcome to the 2009 WWDC”

phil is on stage

It’s a custom mac ad for WWDC 09

Apple playing a “get a mac” ad with welcoming us to WWDC 2009

Apple playing a “get a mac” ad with welcoming us to WWDC 2009

Apple playing a “get a mac” ad with welcoming us to WWDC 2009

Lights are dimmed. Keynote is starting

Lights are dimmed. Keynote is starting

Announcer: Welcome to the 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference *applause*

Five minutes until the keynote starts! Most people are seated now. Playing Dave Matthews Band

wow. wwdc has wi-fi. should make uploading a lot easier! Woot!!!!

Ok. We’re inside! Everyone is taking photos and preparing for the Apple keynote.

My badge

Waiting at Moscone

WWDC09: Der englische Ticker zum Nachlesen
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